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Vision and Mission

Our vision is of a world where the human rights framework reflects the real world experiences of all of us, effectively furthering social and economic justice and human dignity, and catalyzing change from the local to the global, back to the local.

To realize this vision, our role is one of catalyzing social change through leveraging of strategic spaces. This is work that we undertake in close partnership with local partners and advocates from around the world; what we like to call “making the UN work for the poor,” although it also encompasses strategic spaces beyond the UN.

GI-ESCR believes that reaching that next, needed scale of impact requires both the amplification of voices of local advocates by leveraging international law and mechanisms – and informing the content, meaning, and interpretation of international human rights law from the perspectives of marginalized groups and communities. It is no longer enough to think globally and act locally; GI-ESCR works with partners to think and act, globally and locally, where work at one level is enriched by, and strengthens and supports the other.   Indeed, the complex problems and issues of our day require thinking and acting across boundaries, sectors, disciplines and fields. If we have learned anything over the decades, it is that certainly people themselves affected by rights violations should be engaged in designing the solutions to those violations.


The mission of the GI-ESCR is to:

Strengthen the international human rights framework through creative standard setting, so that the framework reflects the experiences, needs and aspirations of marginalized individuals, groups and communities.

Partner with advocates, social movements and grassroots communities at national and local levels to more effectively claim and enforce ESC rights, including by engaging international mechanisms for local impact.

Contribute to the effective implementation of ESC rights, so that everyone is able to fully enjoy their ESC rights in practice, and are able to do so without discrimination and on the basis of equality.

Provide innovative tools to policy makers, development actors and others on the practical implementation and realization of ESC rights.

Enforce ESC rights through international, regional and national mechanisms and seek remedies for violations of these rights, with a focus on creating beneficial jurisprudence aimed at transformative change.

Engage networks of human rights, women’s rights, environmental and development organizations and agencies to advance the sustainable enjoyment of ESC rights at both national and international levels.


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